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How To Beat 

Fear, Doubt, Guilt, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, and MORE!

Discover a simple and unique way to achieve true self-love and emotional mastery, and learn to live authentically, without fear, as the person you were meant to be.

Feelings First Shadow Work Book - 3D Mockup
Benjy Sherer - Teacher. Author, Mentor. Self Love and Shadow Work Coach

hey everyone!

My name is Benjy

I’m genuinely so excited that you’re here, because I quite literally believe that it is my purpose on this planet to share this wisdom with as many people as possible. This is why I was born

Do you want to reawaken all the lost parts of yourself that you left behind throughout your life due to trauma and pain?

Do you want to learn how to heal emotional wounds, without the need for deep psycho-analysis, medications, or energy healers?

Is an awakening forcing you to confront your demons, even if you don't really want to?

Here's the secret

There is No Need to Spend Years chasing down your trauma and focusing on your pain!


The more that you focus on your traumas the more that you are bound to repeat them. That is NOT the way! Even though everyone thinks it is!

Emotional healing is NOT an intellectual activity! It is an emotional one and emotions do not respond to logic. Tracking down all of your trauma, analyzing it, and deciphering all of the subconscious false logic behind it isn't going to truly help you release the unresolved emotions that were created in the initial moments of trauma. Besides, it's painful, frustrating, and unnecessary.

There is a MUCH easier way to do your inner healing.

If you want to finally be in charge of your emotions, then let's learn how to focus on your feelings directly! It can actually be SO simple! Instead of searching for the root cause, you can learn how to deal with what you're experiencing in the moment in a way that allows you to turn those moments of emotional distress into moments of healing, while building solid emotional muscles, and constantly raising your emotional bar.

Before I learned the things that I’m going to be showing you in this book, I had a lot of stress and anxiety, a lot of self-doubt and self esteem issues. I was a people-pleaser and my sense of self worth was very much tied into what people thought of me. I didn’t put up healthy boundaries. I chased approval and affection from people who weren’t treating me properly in the first place. And the more that people made me feel unwanted and mistreated me, the more I desperately desired their approval and affection.

Then I got involved with a community of people who - unintentionally - took advantage of all of those parts of me in ways that sent me into a super negative spiral that tore my life apart and forced me to find a way to heal.

Now, I am without anxiety. I no longer spend my energy on people who don’t deserve it, but I walk away from those situations kindly - without judgment or anger. I can remain calm in all circumstances, I can remain compassionate even when people are being cruel to me, and I feel comfortable being myself and expressing myself in all contexts.

I no longer seek praise or approval. I’ve even overcome a lifelong intense fear of death! My relationships are better and healthier, and I feel more comfortable in my skin and in my body at all times. Even when things aren’t going well, I no longer worry. And even when I’m feeling down I don’t allow fear to take over, because I know it’s just a passing storm and that I’ll pop back up soon enough.

The difference?

I figured out the simple methods to ‘Feelings First’ inner healing, which helped me overcome my biggest fears and challenges without therapy, medication, or stuffing away my pain.


This Method Really Works!



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I have countless more stories and testimonials! I’ll share some of them below.

DISCLAIMER: The results you will get from using these methods will be up to you. There is no ‘magic pill’. You have to do the work. BUT…! I assure you. Not a single person who has worked with me who TRULY showed up and put in the effort walked away with anything less than a transformation. It’s like working out and dieting. If you do it consistently and properly, it’s impossible not to see improvements.

Get The Complete Guide On Achieving TRUE Self Love and Emotional Mastery!

Feelings First Shadow Work Book

The book I have for you on this page is called 'Feelings First Shadow Work'... because that’s exactly what it is:

A method for bypassing the brain and connecting directly to our emotions in order to heal all the wounded parts of ourselves that we pushed away over the years, in the simplest and most painless way possible that can work for ANYONE.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn Inside This Unique and Comprehensive Book:

  • How to heal traumas subconsciously (you don’t need to know what you’re healing in order to heal it!)

  • How to feel as good as possible as often as possible with where you are at right now.

  • How to raise your emotional maximum! Connect to long lost feelings of true joy, bliss, and love that you probably haven’t felt since you were a child.

  • How to relax and allow the healing to happen on it’s own.

  • How to release fear in all areas of your life and start living as the true, authentic you.

  • How to put up healthy boundaries against behavior that doesn’t serve you, in a kind, caring, and compassionate way.

  • How to put unconditional self love at the foundation of everything that you do.

  • Why unconditional self love is the most crucial skill you will ever learn.

  • How to turn your unconditional self love into unconditional love for others.

  • How to build the muscles of intuition to allow you to stay in the now moment and release the need to stress and worry about the future.

  • How to forgive people for YOUR benefit, not theirs, even if they don’t ‘deserve’ your forgiveness.

  • How to understand ‘new age’ spiritual concepts from a scientific perspective, to allow yourself to open up to a bigger view of the universe.

  • And a whole ton more….

This book ALSO includes a 21-DAY JOURNALING GUIDE to help you get started on your emotional healing on your own.


This Method Works Even If You Don’t Know (or want to know) About the Initial Traumas that Caused Your Issues in the First Place.


With the ‘Feelings First’ approach, logical answers about why these experiences caused your issues are a by-product of our healing, NOT the goal. Revelations will come to you naturally when you're ready for them, but it's not what we focus on because we only really care about letting go of the pain.


What we are going to do instead is simply learn how to feel as good as possible as often as possible, and then learn how to handle negative emotions when they come up, in a way that allows us to release the pain attached to them naturally… WITHOUT needing to rationalize or understand it.


Every moment of emotional distress that you experience is TRYING TO HELP YOU HEAL! You just need to learn how to face those feelings and use them - to follow them to what they are trying to show you, instead of running from them.


That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this OFFER with you today! 

Act Now


Get These 2 Bonuses
For Free!

M&M Audio Bundle Deal

Bonus #1. 10 Guided Meditations for Inner Healing  


These guided meditations are specifically designed to be paired with the lessons in this book, to help you accelerate and facilitate your emotional healing. It also includes the ULTIMATE ANXIETY BUSTER meditation! These meditations will help you relax, heal, and form new habits in beliefs in line with the healing you are trying to do.


Bonus #2. 5 High-Performance Manifestation / Subliminal Programming Tracks. 


Using a combination of solfeggio frequencies, Binaural Beats, Subconscious Programming, and audible affirmations, these tracks are some of the most powerful available to help program your subconscious mind to accept, allow and attract all the things that you are trying to bring into your life.


Shadow Work Guarantee

Try the BOOK and the BONUSES for 90 days.  

If for some reason, you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the full amount. 

 Just send me an email within 90 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you. No questions asked!  

Get Your Copy Of



See you on the inside!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this,

Much love!


P.S. Recap of this ultra-long page for those who just skipped to the bottom:

  • 1)

    Learn how to overcome emotional issues like fear, doubt, guilt, shame, anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and MORE!

  • 2)

    Learn why you DON’T need a therapist or heavy medications to conquer and deal with this stuff!

  • 3)

    Learn how to live authentically from a place of true self love, with a strong sense of emotional mastery, so that nothing can throw you off your game anymore!

  • 4)

    Learn how to put up healthy boundaries against people and behaviors that aren’t serving you, WITHOUT resorting to blame, judgment, or anger, or the need to feel shame around prioritizing yourself.

  • 5)

    21 DAY JOURNALING GUIDE specifically designed to help you bypass your brain and connect to your emotions, to help accelerate your healing journey.

About Me

Benjy Sherer - Teacher. Author, Mentor. Self Love and Shadow Work Coach

After experiencing an awakening of my own a few years ago, I stepped into my role and mission on this planet as an emotional wellness mentor, or shadow work coach, or awakening and ascension teacher, etc… Call it whatever you want, it became more and more clear to me that I had been training for this my whole life and carrying this knowledge and wisdom with me the whole time. This is my blueprint that I came to share with the world.

This is very simply who I am. I had spent my life searching for answers (including my degrees in Philosophy and World religions), and when I had finally given up on finding any more answers… they found me, and they changed my life. Now, I share this ageless wisdom with anyone who resonates with it.

Since beginning this work, I have helped hundreds of people experience miraculous and mind-blowing transformations – even people who had completely given up on themselves and on life. I have seen people go from suicidal to excited to waking up in the morning.

It is an understatement to say that it is an honor to be part of people’s journeys in this way, and I hope you’ll let me share this wisdom with you as well.

Even More Client Reviews!

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

This book about shadow work is a big necessity. It was simple, easy to read, and straight to the point. People need to let their traumas and emotional scars go in order to heal, fully love themselves and project the love they have for themselves onto others.

- Jessie

Client review for self love and shadow work course

I'd been interested in shadow work for a while before reading this book. I had already followed the usual suggestions of journaling with prompts and, more often than not, found myself sobbing into my notebook afterwards and feeling horrible about myself for the rest of the day. Then came Feelings First Shadow Work. It's easy to understand and really relatable. I couldn't believe how obvious it is in hindsight; You don't need to break yourself apart and cause yourself more pain. You just have to learn how to love yourself. Reading Benjy's work feels like having a friend sitting beside you telling you that everything is going to be okay. And you really do believe it. I recommend it to everyone.

- Shane

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

Shadow work has always been a bit of confusing subject with no real clear explanation... until now. Benjy makes shadow work easy to understand, and further to that, actually enjoyable. His top down approach is much more gentle (and makes so much more sense!) than other approaches which dive straight into the deepest wounds, which leave you feeling pretty awful, but not with this book, Benjy guides you gently towards a deeper understanding of yourself, helping you peel back the layers gradually, making the healing journey a lot smoother and much less traumatic. I would highly recommend this to anyone who want to do shadow work (which everyone should!), particularly if you’re nervous about it or want a clear, easy to understand guide. Thank you Benjy.

- Bethan

Self Love and Shadow Work Review

Benjy, thank you! I have finished reading your amazing book and have told many of my friends and how they can buy a copy of it. I loved that it was so easy to read in layman's terms and so relatable. I will read it over and over as I learn how to reset my thoughts and feelings.

- Pamela

Self Love and Shadow Work Review

The author has done a wonderful job of simplifying shadow work . For anyone who wants to know what shadow work is, it's looking into yourself. Finding yourself . And I was impressed how simple Benjy made it all. I've been afraid to do shadow work for the longest. But with his prompts it helped me discover myself and actually helped me remember so many things I'd forgotten of my childhood. The language of the book is simple and fun in places . No heavy Jungian theories. An easy approach which is very do-able. I was very impressed with the book. Thank you Benjy for writing this book.

- Ruchi

DISCLAIMER: All of these testimonials are 100% real. For privacy purposes, however, the pictures are not really of my clients.
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