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Business Manager

Happiness is my baseline emotion now, and it's not going anywhere! I get to enjoy life now.


Dancer and Artist

In comparison, my therapy sessions just felt like an expensive place to cry. They never gave me the tools I learned here.

What People Are Saying...

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

Oh my goodness I can’t believe it, I’ve completed all of the work!! Well, the material at least I’m sure there will be more to do and come back to. I’m so thrilled and have to slow down long enough to really take in all of the progress and learnings and how different my life is. I just launched my coaching business and am crushing it already considering how new I am to all of this and I know I have so much to thank you for regarding that!

- Stacie

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

I have to say that it has made a big difference to my life.  Benjy really knows his stuff, comes from a heart centred space, and is supportive and encouraging.  I have worked with a few people before now and quickly realised that not all of the people that work in this area are authentic.   Benjy is not one of those.  He really lives this stuff, cares about the people who he works with, and the program is well thought out, well structured, and well delivered.

I can highly recommend working with Benjy, wherever you might be on your healing journey and would rate his programme at nothing less than 5 stars.

- Shane

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

I am one of Benjy Sherer's clients. I came to Benjy a confused, depressed, angry, traumatized person. I have experienced amazing healing and transformation, things I never thought possible for myself! Benjy is a great coach and teacher and he will be there for you every step of the way. This program is great because your trauma deserves the commitment of a certain time period to be spent on it and a person like Benjy who will be spending personal time with you. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! Love and light!

- Kristy

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

I'm starting week 5 of his 8 week program and I highly recommend you schedule a call with Benjy Sherer. He is someone that can guide you in a more practical step by step way giving you many tools in which you will be able to use to heal. My husband and I are doing the course together and we are both really starting to see a shift. We love the energy and enthusiasm Benjy brings in our weekly content and conference calls he has with us. He can show you the way to heal that stuff you've been carrying around for a lifetime!

- Glenn

Self Love and Shadow Work Course Testimonial - Feelings First

Yes! I was so eager. I’m getting through the first model and I’m already really appreciating the structure. I recently went through a different 6 week shadow work course that didn’t prepare you as well at all! It just jumped right into shadow alchecmy and didn’t really give me any foundation to start with. But I’m FINALLY starting to see shifts now. I really appreciate how this course is structured and I’m so excited to dive deeper!

- Toni

DISCLAIMER: All of these testimonials are 100% real. Not all of the pictures, however, are really of those clients.

I want you to know that you have nothing to lose!

I want you to be able to try out my course and methods without risk. If you sign up at full price on my website, you'll have 1 year, no questions asked. And if you take the discounted price on the call with me, you'll still get 2 weeks to try it out, with no risk. That's how confident I am about my methods and approach!

Kristy had been struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for over 10 years before she found me, and then after just 8 weeks She was saying that she was geuninely excited to wake up every day, that joy was her base line emotion, and that she had overcome the fear and anxiety that had held her back for so long.

Devon Had Been Through 4 Different Therapists over the span or years, going in circles on his self-expression issues. After Barely 8 Weeks with Me, He Felt Like He Finally Had All The Tools He Needed To Heal Himself And He Said That - In Comparison - His Therapy Sessions Were Just Him Paying To Have A Safe Place To Cry… But Never Actually Helped Him Heal.

Kelly was a slave to her high paying job. An issue we like to call ‘Golden Handcuffs’. She had left behind all her true passions and hobbies and was constantly away from her family, doing things that she never enjoyed but that paid well. She was trading her life for money because she was afraid to let go of all the things the regular world told her were important, even though they weren’t bringing her any fulfillment. Now she has claimed back her life, her, soul, and her family, and she has never felt better!

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